What happens in reality becomes a memory, and through such experience and reminiscence as an electrical signal, it is a creative birth and a new reality is created – Pulsating synaptic signals

Nowadays, feedback memories gradually increase in speed cyclically in the axis of time, gradually changing shape in small flashbacks, becoming real.

In such a sense, the definition of “presence” is not only a fact or a reality, but unexplainable without imagination.

In a sense memory is directly linked to creativity in real time, a real view that is just out there just not visible.

Hyper-realistic merge….


*Environment Notice:
Warning – The space will sometimes flashing environment in dark space.

*Materials Notice:
The materials were waste collected from around *The Old Peanut Factory / Fish Island. The area of Fish Island has a long tradition as a home to artists and art spaces. The Island, and adjoining Hackney Wick, has ‘one of the highest densities of fine artists, designers and artisans in Europe’ with a 2009 study identifying around 600 artists’ studios. ( wiki/Fish_Island,_London)