Time moving clockwise, and showing the escapism of the human conflict between real life and memories in time, in the connections of life, using a metaphoric approach, with contemporary dance and sound combined with video art.


“Time clockwise”

Time is still continuing to forward….
Life is going to forward.
The body is in time clockwise.
A lot of lines are crossing and connecting around the body,

Time is still continuing to forward….
The body is trying to move and take the lines.
The lines are tight and sometimes very sensitive, touching like piano tuning.
Some of the lines are weakness, then cut off.

Time is still continuing to forward….
The body is not able to move any more.
Then suddenly the memories are became backward.
However the memories are bit different viewpoints and movements for vague memories.

Still the time is continuing to forward…………..
The lines and body are naturally turned back to the same position.
The time is always forward…
It will be looped in the time of metamorphosis…………….